Tabletop Accessories We Love: Decorative Centerpieces

tabletop accessoriesIf you’re shopping for tabletop accessories, you can’t go wrong with decorative centerpieces. This is because – let’s face it – a home can never have too many! Unlike plates and serving platters, which lend themselves to extended use, decorative centerpieces can change every season, month, or even week, depending on the hostess’ tastes.

Let’s take a look at two of our favorite decorative tabletop accessories:

Oro Ceramic Pomegranate: Part of an entire set by Arte Italica, this gold pomegranate is definitely our favorite. Like the other ceramic fruits, this one features an interesting blend of intentional distressing and radiant glaze.

Murano Shell: This luxurious centerpiece is crafted out of mouth-blown Venetian glass for a beautiful oceanic effect. Choose small, medium, or large sizes depending on your table size and individual preference.

Pompeii Planters: Available in a variety of entrancing colors including coral and turquoise, the Pompeii series by Arte Italica is rustic and versatile. You could use these planters for actual planting or, alternatively, to store small items like packets of sugar or tea. Even empty, these tabletop accessories are irresistible.

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