Host An English Afternoon Tea with Beautiful Tabletop Accessories


A traditional English afternoon tea party in the garden, complete with beautiful tabletop accessories, is a great way to celebrate almost any occasion, from birthdays to engagements to Mother's Days.

Anna, the Duchess of Bedford (1783 – 1847), who was a close friend of Queen Victoria, is credited with inventing the afternoon tea. Apparently, she liked to have her butler deliver tea and an assortment of sweet and savory treats to her sitting room around 4pm. (In those days, lunches were light and dinner was served as late as 8:30pm, so it was common for people to feel hungry as the afternoon wore on.) The Duchess soon began asking her friends to come around and join her – and the concept of the afternoon tea party caught on in many middle and upper class households.

An afternoon tea menu typically consists of a variety of sandwiches, including chicken mayonnaise and pine nuts, cucumber and mint, ham and cheese, smoked salmon and dill, as well as sweets like Madeira cake, chocolate éclairs or cream puffs, and sponge cake.

And, of course, a selection of fine teas should be on offer, including Earl Grey, Afternoon Darjeeling, and iced tea served in beverage dispensers if your party is in the Spring or Summer.

Wedding Presents: Arte Italica Dinnerware


arte italica
Let’s face it, newly married couples need pretty much everything. Getting married means starting a new life, which means the lucky bride can ditch her chipped dinnerware from college in favor of higher quality pieces. If you have a couple of spring weddings on your calendar, why not give some dinnerware sets by Arte Italica?

Here are some of our favorite Arte Italica dinnerware collections:

Florentine Gold Dinnerware Set
For a truly regal vibe, the Florentine Gold collection takes the cake. This luxurious set for four features Italian Terra Bianca white clay decorated with scalloped edges surrounding an incredible 24-karat gold medallion. The bride won’t believe her eyes!

Tesoro Dinnerware Set
Boasting a unique pairing of blown glass and beaded pewter, this collection will showcase any soup, salad, or entrée to its full potential. This versatile set is at its most radiant when placed in the morning light, making it ideal for Sunday brunches.

Tuscan Dinnerware Set
This dinnerware set is a bridge between old and new, featuring a classic combination of pewter and ceramic with a crisp, modern edge. Best of all, this traditional palate pairs well with tabletop accessories and barware of all styles.

Beverage Dispensers for Mother’s Day


beverage dispensers beverage dispensers

Thinking about Mother’s Day presents? You can’t go wrong with one of the beautiful beverage dispensers from These neat gifts are ideal for entertaining or simply a quiet night with the family. Either way, Mom will love her new gift! Read on for four of our favorite beverage dispensers.

Glass Pedestal Dispenser with Ice Insert
Tired of melted ice cubes diluting your drinks? This ingenious dispenser has a separate ice insert to maintain a cool temperature. (It’ll make Mom look cool, too!)

Old Fashioned Beehive Dispenser
Forget the honey – Mom can dispense up to two gallons of sangria, iced tea, lemonade, and more using this dispenser crafted in a unique hive shape.

beverage dispensers beverage dispensers

Garden Floral Dispenser with Handle
Flowers aren’t the only things that need watering! Picnics and garden parties alike can benefit from this cheerful beverage dispenser featuring a sturdy metal handle.

Globe Liquor Dispenser
This memorable dispenser is a classy way to dress up any spirited occasion. Plus, the silver plating will pair fantastically with any set of barware, no matter what Mom is serving.

Tabletop Accessories We Love: Decorative Centerpieces


tabletop accessoriesIf you’re shopping for tabletop accessories, you can’t go wrong with decorative centerpieces. This is because – let’s face it – a home can never have too many! Unlike plates and serving platters, which lend themselves to extended use, decorative centerpieces can change every season, month, or even week, depending on the hostess’ tastes.

Let’s take a look at two of our favorite decorative tabletop accessories:

Oro Ceramic Pomegranate: Part of an entire set by Arte Italica, this gold pomegranate is definitely our favorite. Like the other ceramic fruits, this one features an interesting blend of intentional distressing and radiant glaze.

Murano Shell: This luxurious centerpiece is crafted out of mouth-blown Venetian glass for a beautiful oceanic effect. Choose small, medium, or large sizes depending on your table size and individual preference.

Pompeii Planters: Available in a variety of entrancing colors including coral and turquoise, the Pompeii series by Arte Italica is rustic and versatile. You could use these planters for actual planting or, alternatively, to store small items like packets of sugar or tea. Even empty, these tabletop accessories are irresistible.