A Porcelain Cake Stand — The Perfect Hostess Gift


Her h'ors deuvres shine with on silver trays. Her soufflés soar in designer china. Even her after-dinner drinks glisten in barware made of pewter and glass. But what about her desserts? For the hostess who has everything, your perfect present could be a commonly overlooked item of serveware: the cake stand.

Like the pieces mentioned, cake stands amplify a hostess' culinary creations by showcasing her food before a sophisticated backdrop. Even the most skillfully decorated cheesecake, for example, will look all the more elegant when served over porcelain. Plus, these beautiful stands are the perfect way to give catered and store bought cakes a homemade feeling.

Best of all, these cake stands are ideal for desserts of all kinds. Many hostesses use these same items to serve cupcakes, scones, cookies, and cream-filled pastries. On the right stand, even a plate of cheese can be appropriate.

Whether the occasion is a child's birthday or a bridal shower, a porcelain cake stand can only enhance the atmosphere. For your next hostess gift, consider one of these versatile porcelain cake stands.

Beautiful Beverage Dispensers


Spring is still a few weeks away, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start planning for it now. Spring spells afternoon tea parties with cakes, finger sandwiches and cookies—and homemade pink lemonade and iced tea with lime zest. Spring is also the time for dinner parties, with plenty of sangria to welcome your guests. You could serve your drinks in some ordinary glass jugs, but you could also make a real statement and showcase your drinks with beverage dispensers.

Beverage dispensers are functional yet they look beautiful and striking on your tabletop, and add a little fun to your party. They also make it easy for your guests to help themselves to drinks: no more lifting heavy jugs and messy spills.

Beverage dispensers come in all shapes and sizes—curved, rectangular—and you can even get ones that look like a globe or a gas pump. I love my 2.5 gallon Elegant Beverage Server from Elegant Tabletop; the glass dispenser sits on a classic metal base, and best of all, the dispenser has a lid which makes it perfect for outdoor tea parties (there’s no chance of leaves or insects making their way in). And it’s so quick and easy to refill the dispenser when the drinks get low.

Ah, beverage dispensers…how did I ever survive without them?

Arte Italica: Il Migliore Per La Sua Cucina!


"The Best for Your Kitchen"
A fine addition to any kitchen is Arte Italica. www.ElegantTabletop.com has beautiful Italian ceramic pieces that look great whether perched upon your kitchen counter or on your table as a centerpiece. These pieces serve and store, or if you prefer, just look good. They can help to set the ambience that you desire, transporting your guests to the sun-bathed hills of Tuscany, and conjuring images of those wavering cypress trees, the long winding roads perched atop acres of sunflower fields, and the wine, oh, the wine…

The ancient Etruscans began the arte Italica tradition almost three thousand years ago, and in ancient Rome there were many artisans who specialized in ceramics. Today Italian ceramics remain top of the line.

For elegant organization, ceramic canisters can transform your method. Sealing in freshness and allowing for ease and convenience, these canisters give your kitchen a finishing touch. If you prefer glass, you will be able to see exactly when it is time to refill. And all of this arte Italica serves as a great gift for any housewarming party or bridal registry. Arte Italica is dishwasher and oven safe (up to 500 degrees) and whether you prefer the hand painted or hand carved designs, they will surely make a lasting impression.

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