Bridal Shower Gifts with a Personal Touch — Tabletop Accessories & More

Whether she's hoping for tabletop accessories, serveware, or bar glasses, a bride-to-be will assist her guests in the gift-giving process by creating her own bridal shower registry. Registries are fantastic tools to ensure the lucky lady gets exactly what she wants, but for some gift givers, arranging to have a present shipped to the bride lacks a certain personal touch.

Let's look at some easy ways to personalize bridal shower gifts:

Tabletop accessories. Coveted by brides-to-be everywhere, tabletop accessories combine form with function to create perfect usable pieces. To capitalize on said function—and make your gift stand out from the crowd—order an appropriate accompanying gift such as a bag of luxury chocolates for a candy dish or bouquet of roses for a glass vase.

Plates, platters, bowls, and more are all standard bridal shower gifts, but as most homeowners know, setting a table is about more than just arranging the porcelain. To help the new bride find her way, give her fabric napkins or napkin rings in colors that coordinate with your serveware.

Glassware. When you pick out a set of elegant champagne flutes or sturdy highball glasses, you know the budding bride didn't request these items to drink soda and juice. To personalize your barware, supplement your present with a bottle of champagne or a kit for blending mixed drinks.

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